Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is how you know you made it.

Ever wonder how you know if what you are doing is working out? Sure there are many indicators like, money, exposure or an overwhelming uptick in business, but I have new way to tell if you're doing good. It's the T-shirt factor. You see if you go to a rock concert and look around, many people will be wearing a T-shirt of the band they came to see, that's a sure sign of success. So there I was last night at the library that started it all, Hampton Bays, and wouldn't you know it, two of my favorite patrons came in their full BISCo outfits. Now, I normally wear a long sleve shirt under my shirt, so I messed up the operation, but what a compliment> Thanks K and D.

So how the did the demo go? Okay. I wasn't blown away by the two soups as I was when I made my test runs. That's the difference when cooking for yourself in the kitchen and cooking for 35 on a table in a basement. Overall, the lobster and corn chowder and the Manhattan chowder went over well, but with a bit more seasoning I think they could have been a bit better.

The raffles went over well. We gave out dinner for 1 (Ramen Noodles) a house keeper (dish towels) and a Medi-Bag ( a bag from the hospital for special surgeries). Always good to be in Hampton Bays. Great library and great people.

(Front Row!)

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  1. Holy BISCo Heads! From the looks of the hungry library patrons they enjoyed your soup! I heart the BISCo fan club!
    Aw shucks...


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