Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tips

After throwing out one too many heads of lettuce I decided to take action against the wilting villains who turn my once green, crisp lettuce into a slimy, wilt-y mess. A little research and foodie polling led me to a new lettuce preservation process*. My first step was to wash the lettuce once I got it home and dry it throughly. For this I used a salad spinner and worked in small batches. Next, I dried the lettuce even more using a paper towel. Finally, I placed small batches of the lettuce into plastic baggies with a twist tie. (Some folks will tell you to wrap the lettuce in paper towels or a damp cloth. I have tried both methods but they do not hold up for more than a few hours, in my opinion.) I did not over-stuff the bags, but instead, left room for some air. I placed the baggies in the veggie drawer of my refrigerator.

The results: After a few days the lettuce was still crisp. Plus, when I went to make a salad, the lettuce was already washed and portioned. Lazy was no longer standing in the way of healthy eating. So I would say that I have pretty much hit jackpot. It's the little things, folks!

Do you have any food storage/preservation tricks that you would like to share? Email me, craig@blockislandseafood.com.

*This is a technical term.

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